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Test: how well do yuu know mee

Category: Entertainment

Description: bahah


ihave hazel eyes

True False

wuht is my ethnicity?

mexican blackk white blaxican

where was ibornn?

mexico california italy new yorkk

how many siblings do i havee?

0 1 3 2

iwant to visit one day

italy china canada TJ

my favorite kandiee is mexican kindd

True False

my favorite movie is

fantastic four tha darkk night wrong turn 3 thee notebook

wuht do iwanna namee my daughter

aracely charlettte ndd' call her charliee katiee crystal

ilove mexican food

True False

which flavor kool aid do iprefer

grape orange cherry limee

wuht wuld iname my son

manuel jose jakeee alejandro

ihave more then one bee' eff' eff'

True False

i am addicted to my phonee

True False

venice is thee best beachh

Yes No

how many bf's have ihad

1 2 0 4