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Test: call of duty 4 multiplayer

Category: Entertainment

Description: Rawr!!

Keywords: multiplayer

Which of the following is NOT a gun camo?

red tiger desert forest digital

At level 55, what rank are you?

leutinant 1 sargent major commander

how many prestiges are there? (so far)

3 15 10 18

how many custom classes can you have?

1 5 7 3

what level do you unlock the P90?

10 33 52 40

what does RPG stand for?

Rocket Pump Gun Rocket prapelled grenade boom-boom Alah!

whats the first sniper rifle that you unlock?

M40A3 Barret 50 cal. R700 M21 Dragunov

Are you an xbox live friend of T3HJOK3R96? (theres no wrong answer)

No, but im your moms best friend! Hells to the yeah my nizzle! no,not really I wanna cyber!

what kill streak does it take to get helicopter support?

3 5 10 7

when you call in an airstrike, how many jets go by?

2 4 3 1 5


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