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Test: call of duty 4 multiplayer

Category: Entertainment

Description: Rawr!!

Keywords: multiplayer

what kill streak does it take to get helicopter support?

3 5 10 7

when you call in an airstrike, how many jets go by?

2 4 3 1 5

Are you an xbox live friend of T3HJOK3R96? (theres no wrong answer)

No, but im your moms best friend! Hells to the yeah my nizzle! no,not really I wanna cyber!

whats the first sniper rifle that you unlock?

M40A3 Barret 50 cal. R700 M21 Dragunov

Which of the following is NOT a gun camo?

red tiger desert forest digital

how many prestiges are there? (so far)

3 15 10 18

what does RPG stand for?

Rocket Pump Gun Rocket prapelled grenade boom-boom Alah!

what level do you unlock the P90?

10 33 52 40

At level 55, what rank are you?

leutinant 1 sargent major commander

how many custom classes can you have?

1 5 7 3


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