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Test: Leora

Category: Entertainment

Description: A dog for you test

Keywords: dogs,adopting,puppies,want a mutt, mutts

Relevant Website: SomeTests.com

Do you mind a dog that sheds...

a lot of fur somewhat fur a small portion of fur or no fur at all

Would you rather have a dog that is...

very sweet, loves to give kisses energetic and lively full of sport obedient for protection

If you went somewhere on vacation you'd...

bring the dog leave it with a friend put it in a kennel leave it at home with plenty of food

Do you have a big house or a small house?

Yes No

Why do you want a dog?

for the kids to have a pal around with you protection to have someone to exercise and play with

Your dog's grooming sessions will include...

dry shampoo small trims once a month regular brushing baths only when necessary

Do you prefer big dogs or small dogs?

Very Large Large Medium Small

Do you have a big yard, or a small yard?

Yes No


pretty cool test!