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Test: Do you have common sense?

Category: Entertainment

Description: Do people tell you that you have no common sense?

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What is the capitol of Georgia?

columbus Atlanta herrisberg oxford

Dust if flying all around you. You get a ________ and wet the dirt .

cup of water water hose bucket of water water ballon

A farmer has a total of 12 pigs. If he gets rid of 4 how many pigs does the farmer have left?

8 4 1 0

Fill in the blank I _____ my phone

punched cared lost caked

Your almost broke but you have $20 in your pocket. You go home and change clothes and leave your pants you changed out of, laying on the floor. How much money do you have?

$10 You have no money. $20 : )

A female deer is called a doe.

True False

If the moon is in the sky what time is it?

10:00 PM 1:00 AM 4:00 PM 12:00 AM

(X)12= 24 What does "X" equal?

I don't get it 12 24 2

If you was stranded on a island what would you bring?

phone my best friend a boat to get off the island a cold beer

Is impossible possible?

Yes No