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Test: Do you have common sense?

Category: Entertainment

Description: Do people tell you that you have no common sense?

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Relevant Website: google.com

If you was stranded on a island what would you bring?

phone my best friend a boat to get off the island a cold beer

A female deer is called a doe.

True False

A farmer has a total of 12 pigs. If he gets rid of 4 how many pigs does the farmer have left?

8 4 1 0

If the moon is in the sky what time is it?

10:00 PM 1:00 AM 4:00 PM 12:00 AM

(X)12= 24 What does "X" equal?

I don't get it 12 24 2

Fill in the blank I _____ my phone

punched cared lost caked

Dust if flying all around you. You get a ________ and wet the dirt .

cup of water water hose bucket of water water ballon

Is impossible possible?

Yes No

What is the capitol of Georgia?

columbus Atlanta herrisberg oxford

Your almost broke but you have $20 in your pocket. You go home and change clothes and leave your pants you changed out of, laying on the floor. How much money do you have?

$10 You have no money. $20 : )