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Test: Blonde Test

Category: Entertainment

Description: Everything


Whats idk,lol,brb,ttyl,txt means???

yes no idk lol i do cause i txt all the time

Have you ever had a blonde moment??

yes no

Have you ever fell asleep at a friends house and woke up and thought you were at your house??

True False

You have been tackled by a boy playing football at school??

True False

Have you ever got lost in your own house??

yes no

You forgot to put on your shoes when you were going to school??

True False

Is your hair really blonde???

yes no idk maybe

Have you ever gotten a pet or how ever many and the next day you fogot whos they were??

yes no so long ago i cant remember what kind of question is this!!

Have ever you watched the twilight movie???

Yes No


best junk food!! stuff that rotens your teeth I cant eat candy never tasted it, never will


Hi like im so blonde. I have meany blonde moments. =)so phillies rule. Fome, jj calll me.