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Test: how well do u know me?

Category: English

Description: Yeee :D!!


how many gf's have i had

2 3 a bagillion!!! 1

my favorite color is red

True False

whats the best quality i look for in a girl

hair eyes body smile

i like all types of music

True False

i want to visit one day

britan russia london italy

how many siblings do i have?

3 2 5 4

wat would i name my son?

vergil john james robert

my favorite artist is...

eminem james blunt teddy geiger john mayer

whats my favorite movie?

28 weeks later Eclipse Iron Man 2 Dear John

were was i born?

mexico california italy africa

who's more annoying to me

mikey kristy tony gabriel

my eyes are brown

True False

i have only one bff?

True False

i take **** up the butt! -_-

True False

what would i name my daughter?

crystal angelina denise roxanne


How Well Do U Know Me Test


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