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Test: Venomroom snake quiz

Category: Education

Description: a quiz on mostly snakes

Keywords: Snake venomous reptile lizard

there are over 80 species and subspecies of crotalus

True False

Vipera berus has the largest distribution of any venomous snake?

True False

the gap between a snakes lips that the tounge can still come out of when the mouth is shut is called?

Lingual fossel Lingal fosse lingual fossil lingual fossa

what 3 mainland American countries are not inhabited by rattlesnakes

argentina, chile and uraguay Brazil, Mexico and columbia equador, Chile and Panama

there is a snake that lives inside the artic circle

True False

What is the largest viper

gaboon viper bushmaster Mangshan viper eastern diamond back rattlesnake

what snake is known as the terciopelo

Bothrops asper Bothrops atrox Bothrops insularis Bothrops ammodytoides

what is autohaemorrhagy?

having venom that is directly responsible for bleeding of the brain voluntary ability to rupture blood cells as a form of defense the ability to spit venom feining death

All lizards have eye lids thats part of what defines them from snakes

True False

burrowing snakes normally move by which form of locomotion

Concertina locomotion sidewinding locomotion rectilinear crawling


u suck! hahaha! ^o^
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