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Test: VenomRoom venomous snake quiz

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Description: venomous snake quiz

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Wyeth anti venom was the AV used to treat north american crotalid bites, it was switched in favour of crofab which has less side effects, but what animal is the AV serum made using?

Horse Pig Sheep Goat

How many species of Bitis are there?

22 7 18 14

The gaboon viper has longer fangs than any other venomous snake?

True False

How many different genus has the Trimeresurus complex recently been split into?

6 7 4 9

Neurotoxins- Postsynaptic neurotoxins block the flow of acetylcholine at the proximal terminal?

True False

Polyvalent antivenom means that it can treat the envenomation of multiple species?

True False


Cause narrowing of blood vessels (coronory artery vasoconstriction) Causes break down of red blood cells (corpuscles) causes direct damage to the kidneys (renal failure)

Which species of rattlesnake has evolved to lose its rattle

Crotalus durrisus Crotalus catalinensis Crotalus aquilus Crotalus polystictus

what is one of the things that makes L.laticaudata (brown lipped sea krait) different from true sea snakes

The ability to breath under water Lays its eggs on land they only eat land mammals They have a paddle as a tail

If someone has a known alergy to anti venom they are pretreated with adrenaline?

True False

Cytotoxic venom...

Destroys cellular tissue destroys only redblood cells causes muscle necrosis causes respiritory paralysis

Toxicocalamus spilolepidotus (spotted forest snake) is only known from 7 specimens?

True False


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