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Test: Dumb or Dumber

Category: Education

Description: a test to test your intelligence

Keywords: are u smart

Fuze(the drink) has a low carb drink

True False

An orphan is across a river from his parents how does he get to them?

Swim Backstroke Does the doggie paddle None

Without looking what is the name of this type of test?

dumb and dumber are u smart none of the above smart test

The 2009 edition of GWR is in 3-D

Yes No Maybe What is GWR

Who plays Stephan Q. Urkel in the old t.v. show Family Matters?

Jaleel Whit Mike White White, Jaleel All Of the Above

What do cows drink?

milk water honey apple juice

Is their a verb in this sentence, you should check!

Yes No

Silk is made from, what?

silk bugs silk trees silk fruits silk worms

There are 5 great lakes

True False

You are older than birth

Yes No

Around castles in the middle ages, there was usually water surrounding the castle what was that body of water called?

moet met moat tote

What are the first 6 numbers of pie?

3.14159 3.14195 3.41457 3.95842

Their are 24 letters in the greek alphabet

True False

True or False: The worlds largest hamburger weighs 220Ibs?

True False

Inside a cell there are 3 parts

True False