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Test: Physics Important Information

Category: Dinosaurs

Description: Let's see how much intellegent you are in Physics


Displacement is a ___________ quantity

scalar non-scalar vector non-vector vector

speed is a vector quantity.

True False False

Gravitational acceleration is represented by

G A a g g

Is the motion in straight line is linear motion?

Yes No yes

If m=2kg and a 5m/sm/s then F is equal to

2.5 m/s 10N .4N 10m/s 10N

The value of Gravitational acceleration is

7.9m/s-m/s 9.8m/s-m/s 2.3m/s-m/s 5.6m/s-m/s

What is not present in 1st eq of motion?

time initial velocity distance acceleration distance


very good i liked it