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Test: Physics Important Information

Category: Dinosaurs

Description: Let's see how much intellegent you are in Physics


speed is a vector quantity.

True False False

If m=2kg and a 5m/sm/s then F is equal to

2.5 m/s 10N .4N 10m/s 10N

The value of Gravitational acceleration is

7.9m/s-m/s 9.8m/s-m/s 2.3m/s-m/s 5.6m/s-m/s

Gravitational acceleration is represented by

G A a g g

Displacement is a ___________ quantity

scalar non-scalar vector non-vector vector

Is the motion in straight line is linear motion?

Yes No yes

What is not present in 1st eq of motion?

time initial velocity distance acceleration distance


very good i liked it