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Test: Test of Government

Category: Current Events

Description: What do You Know About Our Government

Keywords: Government

How many courts were created by Congress?

50 83 13 102

How many departments are there in the Presidents cabinet?

6 12 13 14

How are justices put into Courts?

Presidents nominate, Congres accepts ABA other justices the people

How long, In terms and years, can a person be the president?

4 terms, 2 years 2 terms, 10 years 2 terms, 8 years 2 terms, 4 years

How many governments have we had?

1 2 3 4

About how many courts exist in the American Government?

50 13 103 1

How far in debt is the Government

About 13 trilion. 6 billion Almost 14 trillion 3 trillion

Is a state and a nation the same thing?

Yes No Sometimes

Were the political parties stated in the Constitution?

Yes No

True or False: The 50 states are the only thing covered by the circuit courts

True False