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Test: Test of Government

Category: Current Events

Description: What do You Know About Our Government

Keywords: Government

How many departments are there in the Presidents cabinet?

6 12 13 14

True or False: The 50 states are the only thing covered by the circuit courts

True False

How far in debt is the Government

About 13 trilion. 6 billion Almost 14 trillion 3 trillion

Is a state and a nation the same thing?

Yes No Sometimes

How many governments have we had?

1 2 3 4

How long, In terms and years, can a person be the president?

4 terms, 2 years 2 terms, 10 years 2 terms, 8 years 2 terms, 4 years

Were the political parties stated in the Constitution?

Yes No

How are justices put into Courts?

Presidents nominate, Congres accepts ABA other justices the people

About how many courts exist in the American Government?

50 13 103 1

How many courts were created by Congress?

50 83 13 102