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Test: Are you masculine?

Category: Current Events

Description: A test that guys and girls can take to determine if they are manly. >:D


You normally hunt white tailed deer with a....

70lb draw compound bow 20 ga shotgun M1A1 abrams savage arms 22. LR rifle

Large mouth bass are very juicy and delicous, very easy to filet too.

True False

Were you in any kind of battle/war?

No Yes

In WoW a level 20 tauren can kill a plainstrider

Sure, why not. I dont know what a WoW is. Well that depends on the agility and level of said plainstrider.

Fill in the blank- I am gonna go home and......

Go Hunting Play some video games and wait for dinner Order a pizza and play Warcraft for the rest of the night

Do you own a firearm, bow or crossbow?

Yes No

When fishing, what DON'T you do?

Put lures for different fish in the same tackle box Anchor in shallow water Both A & B Put a worm on a beetle lure

If you were to ask out a girl, what method would you use?

Text message FTW. Call her. Ask her right there in person. I am a girl/****sexual

A 22. LR rifle uses centerfire ammunition.

True False

A sapling is an old, bendy tree.

True False


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