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Test: The Selena Gomez Test

Category: Celebrities

Description: Test your trivia knowledge of Selena Gomez.


What is her favorite band?

Paramore When The Time Comes Triple Threat

What state was Selena Gomez born in?

New York Texas California North Carolina

True Or False: Selena Gomez was in Barney.

True False

What is her favorite sport?

Basketball Baseball Football Soccer

True Or False: Selena was in "Horton Hears A Who!"

True False

True Or False: Selena Gomez is of Mexican descent.

True False

What state was Selena raised in?

Texas New York California North Carolina

What year was she born in?

1992 1993 1991 1994

What is her favorite school subject?

Science Geography History Math

True Or False: Her role model is Heather McAdams.

True False


Anyone who has friends that like Selena Gomez, please share with them!!!!!!!! OMG! I love this quiz b/c I love Selena Gomez!
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