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Test: The Jonas Brothers Quiz

Category: Celebrities

Description: Test your knowledge of the Jonas Brothers trivia/facts


Name the middle Jonas Brother

Nick Kevin Joe Danny

Joe Jonas was born on

August 15, 1989 November 5, 1987 September 16, 1992 September 28, 2000

The Jonas Brothers have donated this percent of their earnings to charity.

5$ 50% 20% 10%

The Jonas Brothers attended public school.

False True

The Jonas Brother abstain from

Pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs Flying on airplanes fast food, Walmart, and Target

The Jonas Brothers signed their first record deal with

Geffen Records Warner Columbia Capitol

The Jonas Brothers wear purity rings.

False True

Which Jonas Brother started his career at the age of 7 on Broadway?

Nick Kevin Joe Frankie

The Jonas Brothers gained popularity through this television network.

Fox The Disney Channel The CW NBC

Who plays piano?

Frankie Nick Kevin Joe

Name the brothers

Joe, Danny, Kevin, and Scott Nick, Sean, Joe, and Will Kevin, Steve, Brian, and Michael Nick, Kevin, Joe, and Frankie

This brother is diagnosed with Type I diabetes

Joe Nick Kevin Frankie

This brother is known as the "Bonus Jonas

Nick Joe Kevin Frankie

Their first album was titled

A Little Bit Longer Jonas Brothers It's About Time Time For The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers hail from this state

New York New Jersey California Florida

This brother is the eldest of the band

Kevin Frankie Joe Nick

The Jonas Brothers had the fastest sold out show at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles

False True

The Jonas Brothers support this charity

Make a Wish Foundation Change for the Children Foundation Give Kids the World March of Dimes

Their first album was released in this year

2005 2007 2008 2006

The Jonas Brothers considered using this name for their band

Brothers United Jonas Junior Sons of Jonas Bible Brothers


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