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Test: The Joe Jonas Test

Category: Celebrities

Description: All about Joe Jonas!!!

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Relevant Website: www.JonasBrothersFan.com

What is his favorite color?

Blue Silver Purple Viridian

What year was he born in?

1989 1990 1991 1988

What is his favorite sport?

Wiffel Ball Golf Tennis Football Basketball

What is his favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate Marshmallow Cotton Candy

True Or False: Joe and Nick were born in different states.

True False

What is his middle name?

Adam Benjamin Darren Allen

What state was Joe born in?

Arizona Texas California New York

Is Joe's favorite food Chicken cutlet sandwich's w/ mayo?

Yes No

What is his chinese horosope sign?

Snake Monkey Pig Dragon


i like joe Jonas because I love his voice and a good singer he is my favorite Jonas and he is handsome guy even good looking to Robin morgan I am a Christian and I have same interest and a lot of common me and joe to I am the one you been looking for joe Jonas I am a dog lover and music lover just to let you guys know that and I love my mom also I am just lie you guys you guys I love Jonas brothers and joe you and I have a lot in common I never been in Arizona before what is it like over there and I want you to know that you are my favorite Jonas and I have your music accept the new cd album I don't have I eat like you guys eat I just love you all Robin morgan Jonas brothers are my favorite band of all times I Love You Joe, Nick and Kevin. I have never been to one of your concerts I would love to meet you guys before you guys get old and have kids. By the way I watched the 3D Joans Brother movieconcert of your guys and why didnt you guys get this girls one red flower. There were three girls with the same excat red flower you Joe or Nick just . Took the two flowers. If you guys did'nt want the flower of the other girl.You could of just took it. After the concert you guys then just could of throw it out or.In the garbage. So the girl at least knows you saw her and you touched her flower.She won't know if you are going to throw it the flower out or not. Your Friend, Tamara P.S. SORRY ABOUT YOU AND SeLANA NICK AND SAY HI TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY FOR ME AND TO DEMI and selena.
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