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Test: The Fred Test

Category: Celebrities

Description: See how much you know about the youtube star.


Relevant Website: www.youtube.com/fred

How many episodes of Fred are in season 1? (Virals don't count)

10 19 8 9

Why does Fred like the cat with rabies?

It bit Kevin It found Fred's meds Fred loves all cats!!!

What is the name of Fred's dog?

Sparky Sylvester Bob

How old is Fred in the first episode?

4 5 6 7

How long is Fred's mom aloud to be gone before he should call the cops?

5 4 3 6

What is Fred's last name?

Figglehorn Bitterman Van Horn Flintstone

True Or False: Fred got coal from "Santa" one year because he hit his mom in the head with a golf club.

True False

What kind of animals are the neighborhood squirrels?

Dogs Cats Squirrels Groundhogs

When Fred did bad things, what did Fred's mom do to him?

Locked him in an animal carrier Yelled at him Put him in a straight jacket

What is the name of the bully?

Karl Kevin Egbert Dexter

When did Fred first sign in to youtube?

October 1, 2005 December 16, 2005 March 19, 2005

Who does Fred love/hate?

Judy Bertha Holga Evelyn

What was one of the things Fred did to make the babysitter mad?

Peed on the floor Held his breath Screamed at the top of his lungs Told her to die

What is the name of Fred's aunt?

Patty Evelyn Geneva


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S Babysitter Figglehorn Trivia


Test Which Is Episode


In Sparky Comes Quiz


Name Freds Squirrels Games


That Calls A Squirrel


What Does Call Squirl


Kind Movie Sort Have


Rabies Cat With His


Dogs Are Neighborhood Squierells


Was From Test.com Facts


On Quizzes And Or


Did Kevin Get Bitten


They Whay Foes