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Test: Celebrities Eyes Quiz

Category: Celebrities

Description: Can you name the celebrity with just a look at their eyes?

Keywords: name that celebrity based on a view of their eyes window to the soul

Which Adam Sandler co-star is this?

Patricia Arquette Kate Beckinsale Jessica Biel Drew Barrymore

Who do you think this is?

Darrell Hammond Tom Brokaw Bruce Willis Bill Clinton

Which famous male actor is this?

Tom Hanks Gary Sinise Robin Williams Alec Baldwin

Name this celebrity:

Will Ferrell John C. Reilly Chris Farley Jon Heder

Which celebrity is this?

Charlize Theron Uma Thurman Cameron Diaz Scarlett Johansson

Which celebrity is this?

Kristen Dunst Elisha Cuthbert Katherine Heigl Tara Reid

Which Matthew McConaughey costar is this?

Sarah Jessica Parker Kate Hudson Bridgette Wilson Patricia Arquette

Which famous celebrity is this?

Madonna Angelina Jolie Jaime Pressly Nadine Velazquez Jessica Biel

Whose eyes are these?

Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Jennifer Garner Hayden Panettiere

Which heroes star is this?

Ali Larter Hayden Panettiere Kristen Bell Tawny Cypress

Which famous actor is this?

Adam Sandler Jack Black Christian Bale Milo Ventimiglia

Which celebrity is this?

Kelly Clarkson Vanessa Hudgens Jessica Alba Hillary Duff

Which "Disney Girl" is this?

Britney Spears Miley Cyrus Hillary Duff Ashley Tisdale

Which singer do you think this is?

Ashlee Simpson Hillary Duff Faith Hill Kelly Clarkson

Which famous person's eyes are these?

Al Pacino Saddam Hussein Andy Garcia George Clooney


Woot I got 100%! It was pretty good, but some of the pictures I could barely see.
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