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Test: Ashley Tisdale Test

Category: Celebrities

Description: Test your knowledge of Ashley Tisdale.


Wha is the name of the her little sister?

Jenifer Allyson Madison Victoria

True Or False: Ashley has her own TouTube channel.

True False

What is her natural hair color?

Brown Blonde Black

What is her favorite TV show (2008)?

Friends Saved by the bell 7th Heaven

True Or False: She LOVES Hollister.

True False

True Or False: Ashley is good friends with Brittany Snow (2008).

True False

What is Ashley's middle name?

Michelle Ashley Madison

True Or False; She is related to Ron Popeil.

True False

What is her favorite sport?

It's Basketball because it is the only one that she can slightly understand. Basketball Football Baseball Soccer

True Or False: Her most prized possession is her earings from Tokyo.

True False


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