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Test: The Chicken Test

Category: Birds

Description: A test to see how much knowledge you have on chickens.

Keywords: chicken, facts, dumb, fun, test, bored, quiz

A chicken's body temperature normally runs at about what temperature fahrenheit?

102 degrees 98.6 degrees 95 degrees 106 degrees

True Or false: Chickens start to lose feathers as they become stressed.

True False

What is the term given to a dramatic fear of chickens?

Alektorophobia Taphephobia Galluphobia Abenophobia

One trait, called Melanosis, causes chickens' bones, ligaments, skin, and tendons to be colored ____________.

Black White Pale Yellow Grey

Americans consume approximately how many chickens per year?

8,000,000,000 850,000 17,000,000 3,650,000,000

What is the Latin term for chicken?

Gallus Domesticus Luscius Collaticus Schikus Ranciticus Talus Domesticus

True Or False: Chickens lay many different colors of eggs including white, brown, pink, blue, and green.

True False

A chicken is what percent water?

75 92 43 68

How many different varieties of domestic chickens are there?

150 7 47 113

The longest recorded flight of a chicken lasted how long?

13 seconds 37 seconds 23 seconds 8 seconds

True Or False: The chicken was once considered a sacred animal symbolizing the moon.

Nope, but it was considered to symbolize the sun. True False


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