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Test: The Chicken Test

Category: Birds

Description: A test to see how much knowledge you have on chickens.

Keywords: chicken, facts, dumb, fun, test, bored, quiz

A chicken's body temperature normally runs at about what temperature fahrenheit?

102 degrees 98.6 degrees 95 degrees 106 degrees

True Or False: The chicken was once considered a sacred animal symbolizing the moon.

Nope, but it was considered to symbolize the sun. True False

What is the term given to a dramatic fear of chickens?

Alektorophobia Taphephobia Galluphobia Abenophobia

What is the Latin term for chicken?

Gallus Domesticus Luscius Collaticus Schikus Ranciticus Talus Domesticus

The longest recorded flight of a chicken lasted how long?

13 seconds 37 seconds 23 seconds 8 seconds

Americans consume approximately how many chickens per year?

8,000,000,000 850,000 17,000,000 3,650,000,000

One trait, called Melanosis, causes chickens' bones, ligaments, skin, and tendons to be colored ____________.

Black White Pale Yellow Grey

True Or False: Chickens lay many different colors of eggs including white, brown, pink, blue, and green.

True False

A chicken is what percent water?

75 92 43 68

How many different varieties of domestic chickens are there?

150 7 47 113

True Or false: Chickens start to lose feathers as they become stressed.

True False


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