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Test: The Annelid and Sipunculan Quiz

Category: Biology

Description: See how much you know about Annelids and Sipunculans.


All of the following are characteristics of Sipunculans except for_______________.

Segmentation External Fertilization Benthic Habit Complete Digestive Tract

Which of the following isn't a structure that the Annelids possess?

Lungs Veins Arteries Capillaries

Which of these isn't a characteristic of both Sipunculans and Annelids?

Mouth with tentacles Bilaterilly Symmetrical True Body Cavity Complete Digestive System

True Or False: Annelids and Arthropods are considered close relatives.

True False

True Or False: Parapods increase surface area for gas exchange.

True False

True Or False: The members of the Hirudinea class lack bristles.

True False

Which of the following is not possessed by Sipunculans?

Straight Digestive System Cuticle Pigment Cup Nuchal Organ

True Or False: The Phylum Annelids include Leeches.

True False

Although Annelids and Sipunculans are similar, which characteristic do they not share?

Metamerism Has no respiratory system Bilateral symmetry Circular and Longitudinal muscles

True Or False: Sipunculans have regenerative abilities but Annelids don't.

True False

Which of the following is true about the excretion of wastes within the Sipunculan?

Possess pockets for waste collection Digestive tract is incomplete, excreted through mouth After food is digested it simply passes through the anus

True Or False: The Obligochaeta under the Phylum Annelida possess Parapods.

True False

Which of the following isn't an annelid characteristic?

Open Circulatory System Segmentation Complete Digestive System Hermaphroditic

Which class of Annelids have bristles called Parapods?

Polychaeta Decapoda Hirudinea There is no such class!

True Or False: Sipunculans like dry areas as much as they do wet areas.

True False


It's a microscopic organism I think. I don't really know anything about them I just looked 'em up and made a test. wat is annelid or sipunculan? I was so confused...
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