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An interacalating dye used to detect nucleic acid when viewed under UV light

Ethidium bromide is an intercalating agent commonly used as a fluorescent tag (nucleic acid stain) in molecular biology laboratories for techniques such as agarose gel electrophoresis. Ethidium bromide Aeridine blue Cromassie blue Gram stain

A family has 5 daughters probability of 6th child being girl will be

The probability of production of sperm cells containing a Y chromosome is same as the probability of production of sperm cells containing X chromosome. Hence the chance of the resulting zygote being XX or female is always 1 in 2. 1 in 2 1 in 5 1 in 3 1 in 6

The protein sequence database is

SWISS-PROT is a curated protein sequence database. SWISS-PROT EMBL OMIM PDB

The cytochrome participating in bacterial photosynthesis are

A type B type C type F type

In blue green Algae the Photosystem Il contains an important pigment concerned with

Photosystem II (or water-plastoquinone oxidoreductase) is located in the thylakoid membrane of plants, algae, and cyanobacteria and is involved in Light-dependent reactions. It contains 12 beta-carotene units. Beta carotene Chlorophyll Cytochrome Phycocyanin

The term to define gene as a unit of genetic function a region of DNA which encodes a specific product is known as

A cistron is a term used to describe the locus responsible for generating a protein. It can also be defined as the segment of DNA that contains all the information for production of a single polypeptide. Cistron Operon Muton Recon

The first enzyme that reduces Nitrates to Nitrite and Ammonia in Plants is

Nitrate reductase Nitrite reductase Glutamine synthatase Glutamate dehydrogenase

A small insertion or deletion of 3n + - l nucleotides which disrupts the reading frame, generating a novel polypeptide sequence distal to the mutation is known as

Frameshift mutation Read through mutation Nonsense mutation Point mutations

The technique of recombinant DNA first became available

Paul Berg and Herb Boyer produced the first recombinant DNA molecules in 1972. 1880s 1930s 1950s 1970s

Virus that affects E. coli is called

Bacteriophages are the viruses which attack bacteria. Viriods Bacteriophage Prions HIV

Which one of the following methods is the best to separate enzymes?

Affinity Chromatography exploits the capacity of biomolecules for specific, noncovalent binding of other molecules called ligands. Ex: Enzyme and ligands, Hormones and receptors etc. Electrophoresis Affinity Chromatography Ion Exchange Chromatography Salting out

A monocentric chromosome with a central centromere is known as

Metacentric chromosomes have their centromere located exactly in the centre and the two arms are of the same length. Such a chromosome assumes the shape of 'V' during anaphase. Metacentric Sub metacentric Monocentric Acrocentric

The base present in Lecithin is

Phosphatidylcholine or lecithin has choline as nitrogenous base and it belongs to the family of phospholipids. Choline Serine Ethanolamine Ionositol

The lack of pigmentation is called albinism, it is due to a recessive allele ‘a`. Two normal parents have albino child. What will be the probability of the next child will be albino?

¼ 1/16 ½ 0

The Enzyme Nitrilase convert

Nitrilase enzymes catalyses the hydrolysis of nitriles to carboxylic acids and ammonia, without the formation of "free" amide intermediates. Nitrilases are involved in natural product biosynthesis and post translational modifications in plants, animals, fungi and certain prokaryotes. lndole acetonitrile to IAA IAA to Indole acetonitrile Indole pyruvic acid to IAA Tryptamine to IAA

A double bond consists of

A double bond consists of a sigma bond (using hybrid orbitals) and a pi bond (using p orbitals). Two alpha bonds Two pi bonds One alpha and one pi bond None

Denitrification is carried out under the influence of Microorganisms such as

Denitrifying bacteria reduce nitrates or nitrites to nitrogen-containing gases. Potential examples include Thiobacillus denitrificans, Micrococcus denitrificans/ Paraoccus denitrificans and Pseudomonas. Thiobacillus Xant****nas Nostoc Anabaena

A Ketogenic aminoacid among the following is

A ketogenic amino acid is an amino acid that can be converted into ketone bodies through ketogenesis. This is in contrast to the glucogenic amino acids, which are converted into glucose. In humans, two amino acids are exclusively ketogenic: leucine and lysine. Leucine Alanine Glycine Serine

An anaerobic organism that can only survive in parasitizing the host is known as

An obligate parasite is a parasitic organism that cannot live independently of its host. Obligate parasite Obligate anaerobe Saprophyte Derobe

The first stable organic product of Carbon fixation in Photosynthesis is

Phosphoglyceric acid Glucose Starch Pyruvic acid