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Test: Clinical Laboratory Test

Category: Biology

Description: this test is very basic , everyone in medical labs should know how to answer it , easy stuff !!!

Keywords: mlt,clt,lab,laboratory,medical,hello

what does the green test tube contain ?

Sodium Citrate Blank EDTA Letium Heparin

What test tube colour you chosse to do CBC , "Complete Blood Count"

Lavendar Red Green Yellow With Gel

Patient complaining of pain in his stomach , he looks little bit yellow , specially his eyes , what do you do ?

run liver function test tell him do you eat a lot of mastard A & D run kidney function test

what is the best time to take hormones sample ?

early in morning at night at sunset A & C

normal fasting glucose level is >>> "12 hour fasting"

60 to 100 mg/dl 100 to 120 mg/dl 20 to 60 mg/dl 105 to 180 mg/dl

Patient with high LDH & CK what do you think he's up to in the future

Heart problems Kidney issue Liver issue artheritis

APTT test used to ?

determine blood group determine coagulation time Differenate acid from Base Nothing

What is the protocol , Whwn you find out one of the sample is a Ebloa Virus POSITIVE ?

Call Code Black and close hospital no one come in and out until CDC decide the situation let the patient go call code white call code Blue

if there was a request of blood type O+ and you don't have any O blood group to give , can you give him any blood group only for once timelife

True False

by what you determine blodd group

ABO kit Cobase e411 kit Sysmex Control Kit Water

what is dopamine, epinepthrine e.t.c ?

some type of steroids Pain killers Medication nothing

HBA1C test tube is ?

EDTA PLAIN Sodium citrate Heparein

What is the most stain used in Biology Lab ?

Wright Stain Gram Stain Xyelne Stain What's up Stain