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Test: Clinical Laboratory Test

Category: Biology

Description: this test is very basic , everyone in medical labs should know how to answer it , easy stuff !!!

Keywords: mlt,clt,lab,laboratory,medical,hello

What is the most stain used in Biology Lab ?

Wright Stain Gram Stain Xyelne Stain What's up Stain

What test tube colour you chosse to do CBC , "Complete Blood Count"

Lavendar Red Green Yellow With Gel

HBA1C test tube is ?

EDTA PLAIN Sodium citrate Heparein

APTT test used to ?

determine blood group determine coagulation time Differenate acid from Base Nothing

what is the best time to take hormones sample ?

early in morning at night at sunset A & C

normal fasting glucose level is >>> "12 hour fasting"

60 to 100 mg/dl 100 to 120 mg/dl 20 to 60 mg/dl 105 to 180 mg/dl

what does the green test tube contain ?

Sodium Citrate Blank EDTA Letium Heparin

what is dopamine, epinepthrine e.t.c ?

some type of steroids Pain killers Medication nothing

Patient with high LDH & CK what do you think he's up to in the future

Heart problems Kidney issue Liver issue artheritis

Patient complaining of pain in his stomach , he looks little bit yellow , specially his eyes , what do you do ?

run liver function test tell him do you eat a lot of mastard A & D run kidney function test

What is the protocol , Whwn you find out one of the sample is a Ebloa Virus POSITIVE ?

Call Code Black and close hospital no one come in and out until CDC decide the situation let the patient go call code white call code Blue

if there was a request of blood type O+ and you don't have any O blood group to give , can you give him any blood group only for once timelife

True False

by what you determine blodd group

ABO kit Cobase e411 kit Sysmex Control Kit Water