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Test: Enzymes

Category: Biology

Description: Elementary biochemistry

Keywords: Biochemisty, enzymes, proteins

A tightly bound non protein component of an enzyme is

Co factor Prosthetic group Holoenzyme Co enzyme

An enzyme can be described as –

Complex proteins which act as a catalyst in a reaction Proteins which lower the rate of reaction Complex carbohydrates which increase the rate of the reaction Fatty acids which hasten the rate of reaction

What happens to an enzyme catalyzed reaction when the temperature is increased?

Rate of the reaction increases Rate of the reaction decreases Rate of the reaction first increases and then decreases Rate of the reaction first decreases and then increases

The enzyme catalyzed reaction takes place at

A - site Active site Inner site Peptidyl site

Which property makes enzymes very important for living organisms?

Reactivity Affinity Specificity Tendency to remain unchanged


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