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Test: New York Mets Trivia Quiz

Category: Baseball

Description: How well do you know the New York Mets?

Relevant Website: http://mets.mlb.com

In December of 1989 the Mets traded closer Randy Myers to the Cincinnati Reds for closer John Franco, who was the other player the Mets sent to the Reds in this trade?

Don Brown David West Kip Gross Kevin Tapini

David Wright homered in the 2006 All-Star Game, who is the only other Met to homer in an All-Star Game before him?

Lee Mazzilli Duke Snider John Stearns Wille Mays

In the 1999 NLCS what player had the game winning hit in Game 5 called a "Grand Single"?

Edgardo Alfonso Mike Piazza Robin Ventura Jon Olerud

Which player led the Mets in saves in the 1980s?

Randy Myers Jesse Orosco Roger McDowell Neil Allen

How many games did the Mets win in their first season?

40 41 39 42

"Generation K" refers to which trio of Mets pitchers?

Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling & Bob Ojeda Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson & Bill Pulsipher Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan & Jerry Koosman

Which year did the Mets play their first season?

1946 1959 1962 1978

On April 15th, 1968 the Mets lost 1-0 in 24 innings to which team?

Houston Astros Chicago Cubs Pittsburgh Pirates Cincinnatti Reds None of the Above

The name of the Mets Mascot is?

Mr. Met Le Grande Orange Mighty Met Metman

Who is the Mets All-Time leader in triples?

Jose Reyes Lance Johnson Mookie Wilson Buddy Harrelson

Which Met was selected as the 2000 NLCS MVP?

Mike Hampton Mike Piazza Edgardo Alfonso Rick Reed

How many World Series titles have the Mets won?

1 2 3 4

Who won the 1986 World Series MVP?

Mookie Wilson Bill Buckner Ray Knight Keith Hernandez

Which Met won the 2001 Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award?

John Franco Armando Benitez

Whose nickname is "Dr.K"?

Dwight Gooden Ed Kranepool Tom Seaver John Franco

The colors orange and blue were selected to appeal to fans of which two former New York teams?

Giants and Dodgers Rangers and Dodgers Braves and Indians Islanders and Braves

Who was the Mets leader in RBIs during the 1970s?

Rusty Staub Cleon Jones John Milner Ed Kranepool

What was the name of the first stadium that the Mets called home?

The Polo Grounds Shea Stadium Doubleday Field Metropolitan Park

Who was the youngest Met in team history?

Ed Kranepool Nolan Ryan Dwight Gooden Darryl Strawberry

The New York Mets won their first World Series in which year?

1962 1969 1973 1986

Who was the first Mets pitcher to win a world series game?

Tom Seaver Jerry Koosman Nolan Ryan Gary Gentry

Which Met went by the nickname "Mex"?

Keith Hernandez Oliver Perez Rafael Santana Alvaro Espinosa

David Cone was acquired by the Mets when they traded which player?

Ed Hearn Doug Sisk Wally Backman Danny Heep

The first number retired by the New York Mets was #37. Who wore this number?

Gil Hodges Casey Stengel Tom Seaver Jackie Robinson

How many consecutive losses did Anthony Young suffer between the 1992-93 seasons?

12 27 15 24


Diehard Mets Fan...wrong answers though. Anthony Young question is wrong...its 27 games in a row. Youngest Met ever is Kranepool, not Gooden. Get your facts straight. Really hard. Didn't even try to finish it. I am a huge met fan though. got one wrong scored a 96% not bad 85% CORRECT FOR ME .............. nextyearm of the Mets.com message bored gets 80 got a 75% not bad
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