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Test: Mets Trivia-Hommocks School

Category: Baseball

Description: Mets Game Quiz


When did the Mets start playing as Shea Stadium?

1961 1962 1963 1964

Edgardo Alfonso is the only Met player to ever have a 6 hit game. Who did he get that against?

Florida Marlins San Fransisco Giants St. Louis Cardinals Houston Astros

What current Met player is known for hitting 2 grandslam HR's in one inning?

David Wright Carlos Beltran Fernando Tatis Jose Reyes

How many 30 HR/30 stolen base seasons did Howard Johnson have as a player?

0 1 2 3

What pitcher holds the franchise record of giving up 212 HR for his career with the Mets?

Jerry Koosman Bobby Jones Tom Seaver Ron Darling

When did the Mets start playing?

1960 1961 1962 1963

What former Met outfielder lived on a yacht during his active playing time?

Derek Bell Bernard Gilkey Lenny Dykstra Mookie Wilson

How many saves did K-Rod have in his record breaking year of 2008?

52 57 60 62

Who holds the franchise record of runs scored in a season with 127?

Carlos Beltran Darryl Strawberry Mike Piazza Lee Mazzilli

When was the last triple play that the Mets executed as a team?

1971 2002 1987 1993


Mr.Wing, did you really have to make this quiz SO hard?
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