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Test: Boston Red Sox Trivia

Category: Baseball

Description: How well do you know the Boston Red Sox?

Since which year have the Boston Red Sox played at Fenway park?

1898 1901 1912 1924

During his 23 year Red Sox career, Carl Yastrzemski was voted into how many all-star games?

8 13 15 18

Which year was the "Green Monster" actually painted green?

1912 1947 1953 1971

What year were the Boston Red Sox founded?

1898 1901 1904 1913

The original franchise team name was:

Boston Patriots Boston Tea Pots Boston Nationals Boston Americans

In 1941, Ted Williams had an incredible batting average, hitting .406. To this date, no player has accomplished this feat during a full season of play.

True False

The last time the Batting Triple Crown was won, it was in 1967 by this Boston Red Sox player:

Carl Yastrzemski Ted Williams Hugh Duffy Tony Conigliaro

The 1912 Boston Red Sox won the World Series with a record of 75-51.

Their record was much more impressive than 75-51, they won 105 games while losing only 47. True False

Who did the Red Sox defeat in the 2004 World Series?

St. Louis Cardinals Colorado Rockies Philadelphia Phillies Atlanta Braves

The last time the Red Sox won the final game of a World Series at home was in which year:

1912 1918 1986 2004

The Red Sox mascot is named:

Green-o Wally Mr. Sox The Monster

After being renamed as the "Boston Red Sox" the franchise won its first World Series title under this new name in 1912. Who did they defeat in what was an 8 game series?

Pittsburgh Pirates Brooklyn Robins New York Giants Philadelphia Phillies

Until their defeat of the St. Louis Cardinals in 2004 how many times have the Red Sox met, and lost, to St. Louis in the World Series?

1946 and 1967 1 2 3 4

The first Red Sox player to win the American League Rookie of the Year and the MVP award was:

Ichiro Suzuki Carlton Fisk Fred Lynn Carl Yastrzemski

Which year was known as the year of the "Impossible Dream?"

1912 1924 1967 1986

Who was the 2007 World Series MVP?

Josh Beckett Mike Lowell Jonathan Papelbon Dustin Pedroia

Despite outscoring the Colorado Rockies by 19 runs in the 2007 World Series, two of the four games were won by a single run.

True False

Everyone knows about the famous ground ball that trickled through Bill Buckner's legs. Most people will even recall that Mookie Wilson was the New York Met who hit this grounder. Who was the runner that scored from second base on this error?

Gary Carter Lenny Dykstra Tim Teufel Ray Knight

Which pitcher was the first member of the Red Sox to hit a home run since the designated hitter rule in 1973?

Josh Beckett Steve Crawford Luis Tiant Roger Clemens

Who made the last strike out in the 2007 world series

Curt shilling josh beckett Jhonathan papbelon J.C remro

Who was the 2004 World Series MVP?

Manny Ramírez David Ortiz Curt Schilling Jason Varitek


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