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Test: Cake Decorating Quiz

Category: Baking

Description: This quiz tests your knoweldge on cake decorating


Relevant Website: http://www.cakestobake.com

This pan is known as a ?

Tart Pan Fluted Pan Wrinkled Pan Pie Pan

A Springform pan can be used to make a cake?

True False

The purpose of this tool is to?

Be Able To Switch Tips On The Same Bag Of Frosting Restore The Original Size To The Tip This Serves No Purpose In Cake Decorating

This is known as a ?

Tip Cover A Tip A Coupler A Coupler Ring

These are known as ?

Couplers Tips Bags Nail

A Springform pan can not be used to make cheesecake?

True False

This is known as ?

A Bake Even Strip A Pot Holder Strip A Cooling Strip Aluminum Foil

This is known as a Silicone Baking Mat

True False

This tool would be used to?

Serve The Cake Frost The Cake For Display Only This tool has nothing to do with cakes

This is known as a ?

Cookie Sheet Metal Sheet

This type of pan is known as a ?

Novelty/Character Pan Party/Fun Pan Decorative Pan Shape Pan

This is a coupler ring

True False

This type of pan is known as a ?

Loaf Pan Rectangle Pan Deep Dish Long Pan

This pan is not used in baking bundt cakes.

True False

This pan is known as a paisley shaped pan?

True False

An object placed on top of a cake is known as a cake topper?

True False

This is a Tip/Coupler Dishwasher and Storage Bag.

True False

This decorating bag is made out of?

Parchment Triangles Plastic Alluminum Foil White Paper

This pan would be useful in baking muffins and cupcakes?

True False

This item is called?

A Tool Caddy A Tackle Box A Storage Chest A Supply Chest

This is known as a straight spatula?

True False

This brush is used to clean?

Tips Baby Bottles This Brush Is Not Used In Cake Decorating This Brush Is Used for Decorating

This cake pan produces an effect called?

Checkerboard Crisscross Tile Square

This pan is known as an Angel Food Cake Pan?

True False

This spatula is not angled?

True False

This is known as a baking rack?

True False

This is a petal pan?

True False

The purpose of this item is to store tips and couplers.

True False

This pan allows you to put a filling inside of the cake?

True False

A baker would use this pan to bake a ?

Sheet Cake A Rectangle Cake A Box Cake A Square Cake

The purpose of this item is to restore bent tips to their proper shape.

True False

Flavorings such as vanilla can be used in cakes and frostings?

True False

This can be used to ?

Decorate Cakes And Cupcakes These Are Not Used in Cake Decorating As A Cookie Cutter

This is known as an octagon pan?

True False

This allows you to display cupcakes and desserts.

True False

This pan is known as a ?

Springform Pan A Release Pan A Take Apart Pan

This is known as a round cake pan?

True False


i found this test very hard hanifa 8 years
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