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Test: The Frog Facts Quiz

Category: Amphibians

Description: This is a test/quiz about frogs


An adult frog does not have a tail.

True False

Although adult frogs have lungs, tadpoles get their oxygen through gills.

True False

Adult frogs are:

Carnivorous Herbivorous Neither

Frogs are amphibians.

True False

Frogs are vertebrate creatures.

True False

Most frogs lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle.

True False

Frogs will typically lay their eggs in:

Puddles, ponds, or lakes Oceans Rivers Streams

The hatched eggs of a frog are known as ____________.

tadpoles polefish tadfish tadfrogs

A tadpole develops:

in water on land inside of the mother frog

Most species of frogs are found here.

Tropical rainforests The ocean Deciduous Forest Desert


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True And False Facts About Frogs


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