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Test: The real gay test

Category: 09 - September

Description: See if you are gay or not


Where would you rather shop for clothes?

Hot topic Wal-mart J.C. Pennys i dont shop for clothes, my parents do

Are you nervous about this test?

Yes No

What is your favorite kind of music to listen to? (this will NOT alter if you are gay or not)

Heavy metal!! Rap Hip hop Jazz Country

Yes or No. Do you think hair on the body is sexual?

Yes No

Do you like to watch pornos?

Yes I dont know Sure why the hell not... -_- No

Do you like this picture?

Yes No

Are you ever sexually confused about wich gender you like?

Yes No

Have you ever thought about having sex with a man?

Yes HELL NO!! Cant answer...

Do you think your gay?

Yes No My friends think i am

What kind of pants would you rather wear?

Baggy Tight jeans (cuz im emo-or goth-or skater) Tight jeans (cuz there cool) Cargo shorts


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