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Test: Know Your Current Events - Week of September 16th

Category: 09 - September

Description: How well do you know the current events for the week of 09/16/2007 - 09/22/2007

Dan Rather is in the news this week because:

He died He has announced his retirement from CBS He has filed suit against CBS for $70 million He is switching networks and will now be seen on NBC

OJ Simpson was arrested in which one of the following US cities?

Denver Miami Los Angeles Las Vegas

This celebrity broke a rib in a motorcycle accident:

George Clooney Tiger Woods Brad Pitt Owen Wilson

This week, a new $10 bill was unveiled with splashes of red and blue.

True False

A female MIT student in Boston was arrested this week for:

Threatening an electrical engineering professor Defacing artwork at the Boston Museum of Modern Art Wearing a fake bomb in Logan International Airport Publishing her work on how to defeat asymmetric cryptographic systems


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