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Test: Know Your Current Events - Week of September 16th

Category: 09 - September

Description: How well do you know the current events for the week of 09/16/2007 - 09/22/2007

OJ Simpson was arrested in which one of the following US cities?

Denver Miami Los Angeles Las Vegas

This celebrity broke a rib in a motorcycle accident:

George Clooney Tiger Woods Brad Pitt Owen Wilson

A female MIT student in Boston was arrested this week for:

Threatening an electrical engineering professor Defacing artwork at the Boston Museum of Modern Art Wearing a fake bomb in Logan International Airport Publishing her work on how to defeat asymmetric cryptographic systems

Dan Rather is in the news this week because:

He died He has announced his retirement from CBS He has filed suit against CBS for $70 million He is switching networks and will now be seen on NBC

This week, a new $10 bill was unveiled with splashes of red and blue.

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